Friday, January 11, 2008

Glory, glory.

Driving to the Coffee House today I was listening to Classics by Request and somebody apparently called in wanting to hear the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." The version they played was performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (one of my favorites) and, oddly, really seemed to hit the spot – not merely because the rendition they chose was exceptionally good, but also due to the incredibly slow old lady walking across 13th street who managed to limp her way along the length of my hood just as the climax of the song came. It was like the choir was willing this poor woman to her destination, erupting in triumph as she closed in on the curb of her pursuit. I had to physically restrain myself from bursting out in gleeful laughter.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Staring at an old black man in a silver New Year's hat.

2008. Thank God the Coffee House is open. I take this and the fact that the shuffle on my iTunes chose “Red Red Wine” for its first song to be good signs. UB40 is pretty close to the bottom of my list of bad things, even if I consider the rest of New Year’s to be roughly the psychological equivalent of somebody kicking me in the face over and over while screaming “Nothing changes! Nothing changes!”

It’s like 18 degrees outside right now, too. The low today is supposed to be 4, but I’m pretty sure windchills are going to drop that below zero. Holy shit I sound like the weather page. I hate when that happens – when work things or other people invade my vernacular. It drives me crazy in the same way it does when people put more than one piece of punctuation behind a sentence. (With the exception of the wonderful period, of course…) That second exclamation point is going to drive anything new home for me, you know?

Lacey and I were watching some show on BBC the other day about a 16 year-old British boy who wanted to be a girl. It was called “Teen Transsexual,” and it was all about his operations and stuff. Anyway, a girl just walked in here who looks exactly like him. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. That kid actually made sort of a cute girl. It’s just weird how much she looks like him/her. I have to fight an urge to get up and ask her if she has a penis. God that would be funny, though.

Things I should like to do as soon as possible in 2008:
1. Get up to Minneapolis.
2. Give the interior of my house a new paint job. Blue is killing me.
3. Record an EP with Jess and Adam.
4. Get to Colorado.
5. Con Kathy into keeping me in (402).

That’s a good enough list for now, I suppose. And the transsexual just walked by again! It’s un-fucking-canny!

My mother, in her infinite wisdom and glory, got me both seasons of the Venture Bros. on DVD for Christmas. I feel like Brock Samson has laid waste to my soul and claimed it for his own, and also that I am not bothered by that prospect. I’ve really got to get Josh to dress up as Dr. Orpheus for Halloween.

Okay Austin, that’s all you get for now.

384 : 19 : 16 : 45 and counting.