Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Future is Eventual

I would be filling you with lies and doom if I told you that I didn't go buy an iPhone 3G yesterday. I would be further doing you wrong if I said that I got the 8GB version, or if I didn't admit that maybe 16GB is a bit much. But I wouldn't do that to you.

It's not easy being a fetishist, nor is it cheap, attractive or functional. But it's a life, and you get used to it eventually.

First thoughts: the thing is fucking gorgeous. Like almost stupidly so. I feel unworthy of it somehow, but then I think of Al in Quantum Leap and I just feel cool. Finally, my own handlink to Ziggy! Only by Ziggy I mean ESPN and Wikipedia. Which, frankly, is just as good.

The thing is a marvel of design. The screen is wonderfully responsive, and even if you smudge it you can't tell unless the screen is off. Colors are bright and images are crisp. Looking through news and stuff, even if it's totally boring content, is fun as hell just because use of the unit is so fluid.

I haven't gotten to make many calls yet, but I haven't been disappointed yet by the sound quality of Megan's voicemail.

The iPod part of it is awesome. Album art looks amazing and navigating your music is much easier than with the old click wheel (not that I didn't love that thing too). I especially enjoy flipping through albums side-by-side, though they don't always move as nicely as you want them to. Having the music and app stores right on the phone is handy, too.

The vibrate sucks. It's weak. But oh well.

Truth be told, it was a sort of steep purchase, but since ATT gives a billing discount to Lee Enterprises I think that (in the very long run) I will end up spending a bit less. Also having my email everywhere I go is great given how anal I am about checking it (never mind the fact that I never get anything interesting). My hope is that I will use the iCal functionality more (and thus make myself more organized) and start a "No Context" blog that I can update from anywhere. I've got to think of a better title for that though... "No Context" is taken. God hates/loves me.

Enough gushing.

Megan is coming down here this weekend and I am terribly excited. I'm trying to think of cool things to do while she's here. I know we're going to go to the museum (need to check hours) and carve pumpkins. Also I'm going to make her watch "Dark Side of Oz," because for some reason she never has. Gotta find a copy of that as well. Other than that I just need to get through my schooling for the week without going nuts. Getting up at 8:00 AM just isn't my thing, but I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd.


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