Tuesday, October 21, 2008

La da da da daaaaaa, da da da da da da.

There are few things as annoying to me as showing up at the Coffee House with very little to do and no headphones. In fact I don't like showing up anywhere without headphones, but some days their absence is more brutal than others.

A dreary, rainy day in Lincoln, Nebraska. Fall is most certainly here, and today I find myself lost in its lesser side. I'm feeling paranoid and a little uneasy. I keep telling people that I'm taking classes and getting shocked looks from people.

"You're still in school?" they ask.


"Master's?" they venture.

"Dude," I tell them, "I'll be lucky if I get an Associate's by the time I'm thirty."

Some of them laugh. Some of them don't.

I really want my 'phones. I've been listening to "While We Go Dancing" by White Rabbits almost non-stop lately and if I go too long without it I start to feel edgy. That and "Bad Days" by the Flaming Lips, a song I love that I had forgotten about until about two weeks ago.

Things I am not looking forward to today:

1. Work. It's Tuesday, which means we're putting out the Big Wednesday paper. Extra deadlines and additional trips across the street (in the rain) to the press.
2. Trying to do my assignment for tomorrow while at work. I don't really even remember what it is.
3. Missing Dad's Beer Night. I just know I'm not going down there after my shift.

Things I am looking forward to:
1. A new episode of "House." (Assuming the DVR gets the whole thing this time.)
2. Going back to bed.

My birthday is fast approaching. I feel that 27 is dangerously close to 30. Maybe that's just me. I have yet to decide if I'm going to go to Vermillion or if I am – for the first time ever – just going to get drunk where I am. I think the plan hinges on Megan. If she wants to meet me in Verm then I'll go; if not, O'Rourke's it is. I would like to finally have birthday sex, but I guess I'm willing to wait another year if I have to.

MEANWHILE, ALL OVER THE NATION, Sarah Palin continues to scare the shit out of me:


Now, truth be told, I don't really know any of this stuff either. I pretty much zoned out of... well, every year of school I've ever attended. On the other hand, I don't need to know, at least in any official capacity. I realize that by now pointing out Palin's shortcomings has become a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but damn, man. Damn. At least have the common fucking courtesy to know what it is you'd be doing. I don't think that's too much to ask, even from a Republican candidate in this day and age. It just pisses me off.

While we're sort of on the subject, I went to W. this weekend and found it to be too little too soon. The performances were great, and it had this wonderfully strange surreal feeling to it, but the film cuts just short of the 2004 election and fails to really round itself out. I would have much preferred a longer, more in-depth cut after the end of Bush's second term. But I think Stone really wanted to get it out before this election... for some reason. Whatever. Rent it.

Monster wants to print some sort of literary journal in Verm that I really want to write something for, but I don't think I'm going to have the time to produce anything worth reading in the next week and a half. I'd like to do the cover, though. I hope he sends me his idea sooner than later so I can get cracking on it. If it actually comes out it'll be sort of like a little piece of The Grille Blues coming true, which I find amusing. A-MUS-ING.

There is a dude here with one of the new MacBooks and boy is it pretty. Just a note.

I want more coffee.


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