Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I feel very tenuous.

UNL has started classes as of yesterday and so far the Freshman crop ain't bad. Although with each passing year this matters less and less. We're verging on the day where I stop thinking they're hot so much as I resent them for coming back. Still, maybe I can lose a little weight and do something stupid.


William's wedding proved eventful and appropriately strange. For example, I've never made out in the bushes of the Washington Pavillion before, nor had I lost a bet regarding James Doohan before last Friday. The evening was peppered with various people telling me to move to Pierre and thus solve the current issue. I can't think of anything that would kill me faster, although Vondo did point out that I would have nothing else to do but write. That's not bad. I don't think Megan likes the idea much though.

Speaking of writing, Berit reminded me of her best piece of advice regarding The Grille Blues, and if I ever bother to look at that steaming pile again I think I will apply it. But at this point it's a matter of courage.


Only Slightly Intentional Vacation Week has yielded very little in terms of work completed. Also it's sort of fucked my weekend, so I kind of wish J. would have actually listened when I told him I didn't necessarily need this time off anymore and let me reschedule. But oh well. I have a Long Story Short to write this week and isn't going to end up well, but I don't think I really care that much. It's not like I'm going to top the story about Old Style. That's still funny to me.

I have a newsletter to design as well, that I can't seem to get to not look like complete ass. Maybe I'll just finish up the WL/bl stuff instead and call it a day.

What did I get on here for again? Oh yeah.



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